Anne Bourassa


1980 Philadelphia College of Art                                  BFA in Sculpture

1975 Vappapu Weaving School                                     Helsinki, Finland

1974 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts                    Deer Isle, ME

1973 Hinckley School of Crafts and Photography         Fairfield, ME       



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The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA - January 1991

​Art News, New York, NY - June 1992     


Professional Listings

Art in America, 1992 and 1994

Maine Antique Digest, 1979 and 2012

Interview, 1982 and 1984

Art News, October 1983

Texas Homes, December 1985

The World of Interiors, November 1989

Art and Auction, May 1990 and 1992

Downeast, July 1996

​Museum of American Folf Art, 1995 and 2001     


Works in the Collection of - Partial Listing

​Los Angeles Children’s Museum                    Spector Group – NY                   Mike Nichols

Steven and Kate Spielberg                           P. Lemarchand-Paris                  Billy Joel

Allan and Robin Kopelson                             A. Taittinger                              Penny Marshall

Howard and Ricky Wagman                          M. Sylvain-Paris                         Bob Sind

Allan and Sally Taylor                                   Marvin Hamlisch                        David Gerson

Richard and Robin Landsberger                     Michael Bennett                         Steven Cohen

John and Lynn Apfelbaum                             J. Trunkfield-Paris                      J. Pressman

Arthur and Bobbie Silverstein                        Laurie Perlman                          Margery Hadar

Larry Dumont and Martin Gould                     Leucadia Inc.- Utah                   J. Murphy

Philip and Miriam Klepner                              J. Goldstein                              B. Tilley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Klein                            Adina S. Klein                           Chuck Barris

Jo and Herb Miller                                         Carrie Fisher                             J. Coane

Alan and Susan Lafer                                    Bill and Marsha Persky               Sandra Carlson

George and Lisa Carhart                                Morgan Rank                            Jane Frankenal

John and Laird Groody                                  Barrie Mandel                            J. Pressman

Rich and Deborah Entel                                Christie Brinkley                         Carol Miller

K. Goldman                                                 Connie Stein                              Michael Caine

J. Waricha                                                   I. Cummings                              Don Kaplan

J. Roaman-NY                                              Dan Klores                                Judy Roaman

Bob Marcus                                                 Wayne Golden                            Linda Werner

Waheah Davis                                              J. Tobey                                    Tanya Athanus

J. Carlson                                                    Richard A. Lippe